Manual Juicer – Inexpensive and Good

To me personally, I would opt for a manual juicer anytime and if given a choice as they are relatively simple, most are merely jars with ridges lids for juicing the fruits. They are simple but yet very practical and functional and the simplest one just costs you $ 3. When you are looking to buy such juicer, the first thing you need to consider is what your definition of "inexpensive" is, is it $ 3 or $ 50? For such juicer, price plays an important factor on what you will end up buying.

If you are those who are looking for a sophisticated, stylist manual ones, there are a few models of them in the market. It is important to remember that for such juicer, they are practically the same in functions, a $ 3 one may still function as good as the $ 50 ones. An average good ones will be around $ 30. Within this price range you will be able to get good high quality ones with are able to cater your juicing needs.

A good manual juicer I would recommend readers is the stainless steel hand held varieties. They are very easy to handle and to clean and it is said stainless steel juicers produce better quality juicers as the material are able to cut off odors. There are many forms of such juicers around and some are made to cater a certain fruit or vegetable. A good example is the citrus and wheatgrass juicer. These two are made specifically for a certain type of fruits and vegetables. You certainly can not use a wheatgrass juicer to juice apples.

It is important for buyers of such juicer to know if they are buying ones for all types of juicing needs or for a specific fruits or vegetables. If you are looking for a multipurpose juicer, you should never buy a hand held juicer as most hand held juicers are for specific kind of produce. The best place to find and buy a manual juicer is online where you are able to hunt for the best gadget and compare prices.

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