Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2000 Review

From the sleek design to the included features, the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2000 is the most cost-effective mouse on the market. The snap-in receiver mechanism lends a measure of interest to the product. When the mouse remains idle for any extended amount of time it will automatically enter standby mode. Gone are the days of wasting expensive batteries.

Rated alongside comparable wireless mouse models, this product retains the power for up to three times longer than the competitors. The sensitivity is effective in awakening the device when needed and movements are responsive and effective. In the better HD model.18 microns or less make the mouse extremely accurate, 1000 Dpi to give it the sports-car like speed and the smoothest tracking possible to give constant performance. Alongside the features and details are the personal options. This model offers many different colors to appeal to a more diverse crowd.

The colors will allow you to add a more personal touch to your device. There are very unique names to choose from including dragon fruit pink, slate, winter blue, aloe green, milk chocolate, crème brulee gold, and pomegranate red. With all of these available options there is sure to be one which best expresses your individuality. The mouse is made with an ergonomic design in mind that is both very functional and user friendly at the same time.

The curves were designed to facilitate the ease of use that one expects from a mouse. The position that the hand and wrist collects while in contact with the mouse lessons tensions and stress on the carpal ligament. The design allows for easy transfer to either side to allow a left handed user the same comforts and benefits as the right handed user. Regardless of the preference of right or left hand the mouse is easy to scroll with and the buttons are sensitive and calibrated to provide ease. The Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2000 has been the recipient of many positive reviews.

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