Can Subliminal Messages Really Help You?

Subliminal Messages are supposed to act underneath your level of awareness, bypassing the critical filters of your conscious mind. Apparently they effect the deeper levels of your mind where habits are formed and can be changed. Ultimately giving you the power to consciously choose healthy habits, instead of unhealthy ones.

The Subliminal Message phenomena is a subject that is as fascinating as it is controversial. They influence you unconsciously. This deeper area of our mind, sometimes referred as the subconscious, has long been the problem child of the scientific community, mainly because it is hard to investigate.

There are millions of words written about how the human brain works, and it seems like there are just as many opinions, that attempt to explain what our mind is and how we think

However, stunning breakthroughs in the areas of biology, neuroscience and the fields of psychology and psychiatry, have given us a much better understanding of how our body and minds work. Similar to Quantum Mechanics, this new bio-psychological science is so revolutionary, that it completely turns common held dogma on its head, and the mainstream school of thought is just now beginning to catch up.

What is suggested by Epigenetics and the pioneering work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, is that our genes have much less to do with our destiny than we’ve been taught. In fact, similar to the views of ancient sages, this emerging body of research, suggests that our destiny, health and general well being are formed by our beliefs.

Not the beliefs of your conscious mind, the part of your mind that chooses, but by the beliefs wedged in your unconscious, the reservoir of long term memory. We generally have no control over these powerful, life molding beliefs, because they are derived from our environment, and picked up haphazardly from experience.

It is only by way of mediation, hypnosis, subliminal messages and other such practices that we can influence the unconscious mind, and begin to form beliefs that support the kind of life that we would really like to live.

If you have a busy life like me, you might be able to make some time meditation, yoga or a marshal art. But when you get really busy isn’t hard to keep up with? The great thing about subliminal messages is, you don’t have to scheduled them into your day. You can even do them while you work or surf the net.

The question of whether they are effective or not, is apparently bedeviled by special interests, and by the fact most people are uncomfortable with subjects that they are unable to directly perceive. The effects of subliminal messages are also difficult to define or measure.

Many of the original experiments used to investigate the power of Subliminal Messages are dated, some even going back to the 1950’s. It also appears that many of the experiments on both sides of the aisle, are questionably documented, subjective and or inconclusive. Traditional research methods are ill-suited, and largely unable to adequately probe the neuro-corridors of consciousness.

Curiously, out of four hundred some odd experiments, I haven’t come across one that used fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The fMRI, has been around since the 1980’s, but is still the most advanced brain-scanner that we have. This 32-ton, donut shaped instrument shows the brains response to stimuli in real time. However, the mysteries of the human mind go far beyond the scientific instruments that we use to explore them! Even the fMRI has its limits.

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