Project Kitchen

The kitchen, as one of the most essential parts in one's home, is a space that should be well taken care of. As such, having a kitchen remodeling project is necessary for a more enjoyable experience for the family while preparing such great delights for the tummy.

There are some things one must consider in doing the remodeling project. Below are three helpful tips that can aid you when doing your kitchen remodeling project. Take note that while a bright and colorful kitchen can leave your guests awe-inspired, keeping it simple and using neutral colors that match the furniture and appliances is recommended to make it look like a comfortable place to bond with family and friends.

1. Keep it balanced. The kitchen as a special place in our home should be arranged and coordinated in a balanced way. Its entire space is considered as a focal point therefore, it should appear as a single unit. The elements in the room including the furniture and fixtures, appliances, color, and lighting should complement each other well, making it look like one complete unit, one element. Since there should be consistency in the appearance of the kitchen, using neutral palette colors is highly recommended. The color and / or pattern should fit well together. Thus, one should avoid making the color and / or pattern stand out. Uniformity should always be on top of mind.

2. Keep it simple. Make sure that the cabinet palette is well fit with the flooring, cabinets, appliances, and hardware by making its hue neutral. Using cabinets with simple details will also be more helpful in making the space more balanced. Be reminded that the usual sizes of cabinets are 36 inches high while countertops thickness is 1-1 / 2 to 2 inches. With this, the standard height to be considered between the countertop and upper cabinets must be 18 inches.

3. Make the color consistent. Should you decide to use an accent wall, it is highly recommended to also use neutral colors for the cabinet. Thus, the color of the appliances, furniture, wall and the likes should have a similar shade. It should be kept in mind that the color is a major factor in making the kitchen appear consistent and well-balanced, making it one major component in a house.

The mood and motif of the kitchen should appear as something inspiring and enjoyable for every member of the family. This is not just intended as a location for the preparation of healthy food but rather as a spot where healthy relationships can be built. It's just about feeding the stomach with great food but also feeding itself with great awe of inspiration while bonding with friends and family.

Make a move. Remodel your kitchen now!

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