Want to Work – Get a License, Go to School, Pay Tuition and Become Economically Enslaved First

Every time I turn around I seem to be paying more for relatively simple things, and then when I try to ascertain why, I come up with the same conclusion, things cost more due to regulations, licenses, government fees, and all this acts like an overall tax on all of society. Think about it sometime. Further, all these licenses provide barriers to entry preventing people from working, and that, less competition dictates higher prices – Cite: economics 101. Let's talk say we?

There was an interesting article, an Op-Ed, in the Orange County Register posted on April 18, 2014 titled; "A License to Thrive – Too Many Occupations Require Licensing," which discussed how left-leaning thinkers were due due to over-regulation in so many sectors of our economy, the very thing they say they are adamant about fixing; Inequality. You see, getting a license requires time, effort, money, and sometimes schooling. All of which is hard to do when you are poor, or have no transportation or opportunities nearby for specific training.

Worse, when there are shortages of individuals in certain fields supply and demand causing the costs of that training to increase, thus, exacerbating the problems. Then we end up with a vicious cycle because those who do get their licenses now raise the prices to recover their return on investment and cost of training, and with rising costs, fewer people can afford such services therefore those much needed service are not purchased, causing the industry to neglect poor people with fair-priced services. All this screwing with the free-market is killing jobs, creating a gap between rich and poor and causing the very problem that all these leftist do-gooders complain about. See that point.

Of course, if you are a left-leaning union worker or socialist thinker, well then, you do not see that point, because you can not see it, you will not even look at it. The other day an acquaintance asked me what I liked to write about whichave me a sense of purpose. I explained mostly I liked to point out hypocrisy, so there you have it, a perfect example indeed.

What's the solution? Let's shake government and keep them out of our future potential, let's stop this over regulation at every level, let's bring a sense of freedom back to the free-market. If you agree, then we should talk, and if you disagree you should wake up. Please consider all this and think on it.

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