Selection of Keywords

Traffic is the basic need of any webmaster or blog. If the traffic is high, your blog is great, and you may have many boons from it. Traffic gives you more users and these users give you money by clicking your links and ads. So, it becomes simple for you that more traffic, more sales and more money. Many bloggers have left this business, because they failed to get the desired traffic. Traffic is obtained by the help of SEO and selection right keywords. Definitely, keywords are like pillars of SEO. If you want to make easy online money, you have to follow these instructions, given in the article.

• Try to think like visitor or user, what does he need? Choose the words what a user would like to see.
• Find some good, effective and user friendly keywords.
• Rank the found keywords, and enlist them. Now, put them carefully on your site.
• You should use a good and effective tool or software, which can help you to find creative, user friendly and appealing keywords for your site or blog Google AdWords Keyword Tool is one of the best tools, which can help you in this matter.
• Check and examine the keywords, you get from Google Keyword Tool. Be certain in your approach and try to find best keywords, which are being searched so much.
• Select those keywords, which have more demand, and they have the low supply. Such keywords would be helpful for your site.
• Check the rankings and evaluation or assessments of keywords. It will help you to find good and better keywords.
• Search your keywords on the various search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
• Pick that keyword, which has lowest competition and lowest search results.
• Now, the time has come to write the right and user friendly article. Your articles should contain all keywords and contents which a user may need.
• Try to put all keywords in the articles and make the article keyword rich.
• Put the best keywords in the titles of the post and articles.
• First paragraph is important, put your all keywords in this section of article or post.

To make easy online money, you have to make your posts keyword rich.

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