Repair Internet Explorer 6

Even though Internet Explorer 6 has already been replaced by version 7, you may have valid reasons for not upgrading to the latest version. The good news is that, if your computer is running into frequent instability problems which you suspect are being triggered by running IE 6, you can easily rectify the problem without unnecessarily upgrading to IE 7.

The fix involves optimizing the Windows registry. The registry is Windows' master database where all of the information about all of the hardware, software, users, system security, operating system, and networking are stored.

If this database ever becomes corrupted, then data searches against the registry can become extremely slow and inefficient and can cause IE 6 to generate errors, slow down, or crash.

Optimizing the registry will fix any data integrity issues, delete any obsolese references, optimize registry searches, and compact your database so that it takes up less disk space on your hard drive.

The result will be a much faster web-browsing experience. You will notice a significant boost in web page loading times. IE 6 itself will launch much more quickly. You are less likely to experience the infamous "hourglass" which locks up your web browser (and sometimes even your own operating system).

It will feel as though you have a brand-new machine, all over again.

It is recommended that you optimize your Windows registry on a regular basis, just as you would an anti virus or an anti spyware program. Maintaining your PC is like maintaining a car. Both require routine tune-ups in order to maintain perfect working order.

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