Dealing With Startup Issues on Your Dell Alienware M17

Dell Alienware M17 is a dedicated gaming laptop with quick processing capabilities. It is equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i5 processors that come with two versions. Its Turbo Boost technology enables it to handle intestinal tasks with optimum efficiency. However, Dell has used top-end hardware and software components with the Alienware M17 including quad-core CPU and ATI CrossFireX video cards, but it may develop startup issues in the course of usage. Startup issues with this laptop may occur due to hardware or software incompatibility, virus infection and more. This article lets you know about the causes of startup issues with your Dell Alienware M17 and their suitable solutions.

Below mentioned are the ways that can help you deal with startup issues on your Dell Alienware M17:

Optimization of Windows Registry

Windows registry is the focal point for data mining and it is a database that captures configuration settings of the operating system and its components. It also captures the activities of applications running on the platform. Your laptop sufferers startup issues when the registry gets stuffed with some unimportant data files. The problem worsens if some of those files become corrupt or gets damaged. Thus to prevent slower startup, periodic optimization of registry either with a registry cleaning tool or through disk defragmentation becomes mandatory.

Use of Flashing BIOS

Flashing BIOS is an effective means of debugging your computer. BIOS settings of your computer is changed and improved by the flashing BIOS that makes your Dell Alienware M17 more efficient and resistant to bugs. In majority of the cases a flashing BIOS proves useful in resolving startup issues. Moreover, you should flash your BIOS periodically if you want to keep your system safe from major software issues.

Use of appropriate drivers

Device drivers play an important role in the smooth running of the system including quick startup. To ensure that your Dell Alienware M17 starts up properly, you should preferably use the appropriate device drivers. Incompatible drivers usually cause slow startup or other startup issues. It is advised to use drivers with digital signatures. These are known as signed drivers. The primary source of getting an appropriate driver is the Dell's website from where you can download it on your laptop. You can also download open-source drivers via the internet from various reputed websites.

Virus and malware removal

Majority of the problems with your laptop is triggered off by virus or malware infection and startup issue is a result. So to resolve startup issues with your Dell Alienware M17 it is important to remove all the viruses and malware from the system. Once you remove these infections and update the antivirus software on your system you will find your system is not only quick in startup but improved processing speeds as well. An infection free system remains in good working condition both in terms of performance and speed. Viruses and other threats can be detected and removed by regular scanning of the system.

The tips mentioned above would be of great help to all the Dell Alienware M17 users in resolving startup issues. If the problem persists even after applying these tips then consulting experts from premium computer tech support service providers is the best option. They provide online tech support through technicians who are specially trained and experienced in resolving issues with all laptops, computers irrespective of the make and model.

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