Bratz Fashion Dream

Time is so fast. It seems like yesterday that I was just playing with my dolls then suddenly I found myself in this developed body. How did I become this tall at an alarming pace? Maybe somebody has hit the fast forward button and set it to max speed. I used to recall the times during summer that I would climb up the trees near my grandmother's house and father would scream at the top of his lungs telling me to come down and stick with my Barbie. I was sure he was worried that I would be influenced by my male relatives what I am very close with and grow up to become a tomboy or something. He need not worry for even during those times I already had aspirations of becoming a fashion designer like my idols Vera Wang and Monique Lhuiller. Their designs are so dreamy and I often spend hours drawing them. Beside, I only climb the trees to get a good look at this really gorgeous and definitely dressed to kill neighbor who appeared to pop out of a fashion magazine.

Someday, my name will be posted in the fashion magazines; talked about in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Milan and London-the various fashion capital in the world. My creations will be worn by supermodels and thought after the well-heeled and Hollywood stars. I would become a star in my own right, and I will open flag ship stores and high end boutiques world-wide.

I daydream a lot about this (to the relief of my father for he doe not have to worry about me climbing trees again) and it is in one of these daydreams that my friend called me up and interrupted my building of my 8th branch in Dubai . "Hey bff. What's up?" "Have you heard of Bratz games?" "Bratz games? I have not. Is that a new doll?" That was the first time I heard about Bratz games and it has significantly reduced my day dreaming sessions. Since then, I have returned over and over to the Bratz games site and dress up my favorite Bratz doll in different outfit ranging from elegant to something wilder.

It is really fun mixing and matching their accessories and the results of some designs are just so funny. It would really crack me up and I would find more ways for them to achieve a more unique look. I even held a little contest with my best friend to see who has the most creative attire for our favorite Bratz character. The winner will have to treat the other to some sundae at our local ice cream parlor. The judge is usually my little brother who, of course, almost always side with his beloved big sister.

You may wonder that at this age, I still play with dressing up virtual dolls at Bratz games. Well, have I mentioned that despite that nostalgic stuff that I kept stating about me climbing trees, I am still only thirteen years old?

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