Silk Stocking

Silk stockings first made their major debut in 1940s, but the actual history of silk stockings dates back to 16th century. In the 16th century, the raw silk that was imported into England was used in an intensive way for manufacturing silk stockings. Before this, the ready-to-use silk stockings from Naples were being exported from Livorno to England.

A majority of women believed that silk stockings added luxury to middle class dressing, thus giving a classic and royal look. For this sole reason, silk stockings were successful in capturing their place in the markets in 1627. The success was so wonderful that 40 years later English stockings were exported to Italy and all over the world.

Silk stockings were not only successful with common women. Names like Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe were also big fans. Marilyn Monroe used to wear them and hers are even preserved today with as much care and delicacy as a Ming vase.

In 1925, short dresses were very popular as legs were an indication of an active lifestyle. In the post-war years fully-fashion silk stockings managed to increase the sale of traditional circular knit hosiery.

Silk stockings were considered as an erotic icon in their own right. Only skin color was preferred but as the production and demand increased, colors like beige and brown became favorites.

Silk stockings lend a glamorous retro look. The increased use of make up and visible silk-clad legs accentuated a new, revised and more liberal feminist look. This was more prominent among young people who were self-confident and had an optimistic outlook towards life.

However, with the introduction of nylon the passion for silk did not disappear completely. This is proved by the fact that even today there are still at least two companies in the world which make pure silk seamless stockings according to the growing demand.

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