Back to School – What You Need to Know About Doodling Right Now

By now you have already received your children's back to school list of materials needed for the new school year. The list of supplies is likely posted on fridge, tacked to a caulk board, or filed in the to-do pile. Maybe you have already taken advantage of all the sales seen in the newspaper ads or even reusing the school materials from last year. Either way your son and / or daughter will soon experience the excitation of a new school year. I remember the excitation I had when organizing my school supplies, specifically the pencil box and picking out new notebooks and folders. As anticipation for the new school you may even be saving the brown paper bags from the grocery store for book covers.

With that in mind have you even surprised why your children's book covers or notebooks are often written on and covered with little pictures, images or doodles? In other words why do we doodle?

As a former 4xNCAA competitive nationally recognized wrestler and now peak performance youth mentor and coach; I am going to share with you the most powerful principle that I know. Using accelerated learning techniques based in the latest brain research is extremely powerful in developing the critical areas necessary for learning, a winning mindset, and performance. The principle that I will soon expect you to have the ability to strengthen our concentration, and make deep connections long after we actively think about them.

This principle can be used in the classroom, on the job or in the boardroom. It is simple enough for a child just like yours. Although as valuable to large companies like Google, General Electric and the United States Navy who hire outside consultants to strategically "doodle". This principle can be used to make the quickest change in our ability to think something though. Are you ready?

"Writing is the doing part of thinking"

Please take 15 seconds, right now grab a pen and paper and write the following, "Writing is the doing part of thinking" Why is this principle so powerful? Because when we doodle our mind, which naturally thinks in pictures, is looking for a deeper connections. We doodle because we are seeking or looking for the answer. You are actively engaging the part of your mind through the most effective and powerful manner known today. Writing is the most hands-on and effective method to activate the part of your mind that helps you solve challenges – long after you actively think about them.

I recommend and challenge you to take action on the following:
1. Share this simple yet powerful principle with your son and / or daughter.
2. Get them a separate special notebook
3. Encourage them to take out their pencil box and / or Crayola and play with the truth that we think in pictures.

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