Metric Cabinet Hardware

Are you tired of how your old cabinets look? Instead of hiring an interior designer, why not take a trip to the hardware store and look for the things you need to make the changes? You can start by buying some cans of paint, paintbrushes and rollers, pans, a few bottles of thinner, sandpaper, hinges and some cabinet hardware. Of course, you’ll need proper tools like screwdrivers and maybe a drill if you plan to make some new holes in the wall.

But before you take a trip to the hardware store, make a few observations and plan ahead. Make sure that you know what you want to do and what kind of hardware you need. You can choose between a knob, which is something you use with one screw to mount as a handle of your cabinet, or a pull, for which you need two screws. You might want to take into consideration the design and the finishing of the hardware as well. You can choose from steel, brass, wooden, nickel, and many other kinds of finishing.

Make sure you consider all the hardware you will need. You don’t want to go all the way back to the hardware store just because you missed one screw or one knob, would you? Another aspect that is very important is taking the exact measurements of the hardware that you need. Surely you want the hardware you bought to fit in the existing hole of the cabinet. Though you may be prepared to drill a new hole just to accommodate your hardware, knowing the diameter and the depth of the existing hole and using it as a reference for the hardware you intend to purchase will save you a lot of time and hardship in the end.

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