Saving Power With an Efficient UPS

With environmental issues becoming more and more crucial it is important to make sure that you have the right UPS system for your needs. Systems that are not correctly suited burn more energy and are much more likely to fail, which is more important to avoid than ever.

There are many ways in which this can be avoided, modular systems are just one way in which you can reduce emissions and help you to have flexible power and space plans. These modules can be made specifically to the right size by having removable ‘hot-swappable’ modules. This allows power to be added or taken away. Energy consideration is increasingly important in today’s businesses. These modular systems leave a much smaller footprint then the larger systems. Alongside this, they also only need a quarter of the floor space.

An UPS power solution is also a good way of saving your company money. With more single points of failure introduced into the system it means that a disruption can be dealt with at one point and takes away the chance of big disruptions to the system. The additional cost of a DPA system will be regained by the eradication of single point errors and guarantees system uptime.

UPS works closer to the load capacity then the more traditional system. A traditional system works to just 50% loading while a modular system works at 70% or higher. This reduces energy and cooling requirements. The amount of saving you make on running costs, emissions and floor space will definitely be worth the slightly higher initial cost of the modular system. The cost of parts and replacement for the modular system is lower and the likelihood of failure is also decreased. When compared with normal parallel protection systems, decentralised modules lessen electricity expenses, heat loss and CO2 emissions, while introducing the industry’s smallest footprint.

Data centres are now using a mix of old and new computers which is causing a shift towards unity. The introduction of blade servers means that the power factor may become leading. This can cause problems for UPS installations. As the load type changes from lagging to leading the UPS’s quickly get to their limits. As replacing these systems can be costly it is better to use a transformer less UPS with an adaptive inverter switch. This will improve the operation of the system and will give improved efficiency.

There are many different ways to save money with a modular UPS system, but if you don’t feel like this is the right option for you then there is also the option of UPS hire. This enables you to briefly use a UPS system if you need to do so for a short period of time.

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