Why YOU Want the Apple iPad

Ever since Steve Jobs announced the Apple iPad, there have been mixed emotions. Some people think it will revolutionize the personal computer, others believe it’s an overhyped toy. Now that it’s available to buy, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. It may not be the future of computing but the Apple iPad definitely fills a need in the tech industry today. Being the first slate PC of its kind, Apple has set the bar very high once again. Here are a few reasons why you want the Apple iPad

• It’s a complete multimedia device

o Is it an iPod? Is it a HD movie player? Is it an e-reader? How about all of the above. The iPad has all of these functions built into one device. The 9.7″ HD screen is perfect for watching movies that you can download from iTunes directly on to the device. Why buy another e-reader that only function as an e-reader when you could buy the iPad and have many other functions at your fingertips.

• The App Store

o Just like the iPhone, the iPad can download loads of productivity software and games. From maps to language software, the app store is loaded with useful programs. There are also plenty of games to download that take advantage of the multi-touch screen and motion sensor built into the iPad. Like driving games? Let the iPad be your steering wheel.

• Web browsing with Safari

o Ever wanted to check the score of a game online but didn’t want to fire up your PC and wait for it to load? That’s where the iPad comes in. Pick it up and turn on the screen to start browsing with Safari. Watch YouTube videos, check your e-mail, and follow your stock picks, all with ease on the iPad.

There are absolute limit-less uses for the iPad. With the growing amount of apps being added daily to the app store, new features are popping up daily. Don’t wait and be the last person to jump on the iPad bandwagon, you’ll be missing the out on one of the best gadgets ever.

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