Fix Corrupt Registry Software

Computers have brought about revolutionary changes in the working of an office. Now, the working of the computers is not restricted to office, because most of the people have computers in their homes. Be it in office or in the house, we add many files, delete files, add new software, update the existing software or delete the old software etc. Similarly, we load new songs or movies on the computer or delete music or movies and this process goes on. With all updates of the files and the increasing of the capacity of the system, a time will come when the computer begins to work slowly and that is the beginning of the problems.

The system tends to be slow because of the exercise of adding and deleting, which one makes day in and day out. The computer stores all the data in a registry. Whatever is the process, of adding or removing files, takes place through this registry. Frequent additions or deletions from the registry tend to corrupt it. Now, the registry has to store this corrupt file in its database. As time goes on, the list of corrupt files also goes on. Here, now the computer has to deal with this corrupt file, which is like a 'missing chain'. This puts lot of strain on the system. The system spends time to search for the missing link, which is untraceable. This time, taken by the computer to search for the missing link renders it slow and then we blamed the system for being slow.

Neverheless, you can avert this problem by manually removing the corrupt file. Here, the person has to open each file and if the system gives a warning that "the file can not be opened", then such files need instant removal. Now, numbers of software are available, which can locate the corrupt file from the registry, fix those problems and enable easy removal of such files. By this process, the load of the system decreases and the computer is able to work faster.

As a matter of precaution, it is always advisable to scan the registry periodically and remove the corrupt files or fix the problems.

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