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The topic at hand is a fitness product called the Needak Rebounder. Ill be honest if someone came up to me and asked about a Needak Rebounder I would probably be quite confused, especially considering I didn’t even know that they were called a rebounder! A Needak rebounder of all things is a type of trampoline. In fact, I have one in my home gym right now, but I always called it a mini trampoline. Well, now we all know what a Needak rebounder is but how will it be helpful to you? Well, aerobically speaking a Needak rebounder can strengthen your heart, as well as be a perfect product for working out, burning fat and calories and toning your muscles.

As said above a Needak rebounder is like a mini trampoline, so in order to use it you must bounce! It may seem or feel silly using one of these at first but before you know it, you will actually start having a lot of fun on it. That was probably one of the original ploys when manufacturers started producing it a few years ago. There is also an extra little accessory you can buy with the Needak Rebounder as well, which will help you balance on it a little better. It’s called the Needak Rebounder Mini Trampoline Stabilizing Bar. This bar fits snuggly on the rebounder and helps stabilize your body as well as your legs. Notice the term Needak is a brand, not a part of the product name. Nonetheless, Needak is one of the most popular brands that carries the rebounder.

Here are several sites you can check out for more information about this product:

Needak Rebounders – This is the official Needak website of the soft bounce rebounders

EZ 2 Bounce

I Rebounder

Jump 4 Health



The Needak Rebounder weighs just under 25 pounds. Another terrific thing about the Needak is that it folds for easy storage as well as being portable. This is a really great idea for people that do not have enough room to just leave this product sitting out, but would still like to use it and have it in their homes. Also, if you are not located in the U.S but would still like a high quality rebounder, you can try something called Starbound Enterprises which can be found by going to starbounding! I wish you well and I hope that you find out about the various benefits this product can do for you!

There are also other rebounders you can check out including AeroAir, ReboundAir, Dynatronics Plyo Rebounder and DuraGym. All the products listed within this article have been highly rated by consumers therefore all of them would be a good idea to check out. Here are a few specs on the above products:

AeroAir Rebounder $80

Combines popular trampoline moves with a pilates reformer workout while in a supine position

Increases the cardiovascular results

Expands the amount of exercises that can be performed on a pilates unit

Includes Jump Board, DVD, Adaptors and Floor Mat

Dynatronics Plyo Rebounder $500

Base measures: 39.5in x 39.5in

Height: 52in

Padded handle and spring cover are standard

Attachable ball rack ships ups

Ideal for ball bounce back, balancing, low impact jogging and walking

DuraGym Rebounder $150

36-inch cardio rebounder for improving cardiovascular fitness

Sets up virtually anywhere in the home for maximum convenience

Improves conditioning, stimulates immune system, and tones muscles

Helps improve balance when combined with standing yoga postures

Detachable legs for easy storage; measures 36 inches in diameter

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