How to Write Product Review Articles

If you are an online article marketer then perhaps you have considered writing product review articles and they are fairly easy indeed. Simply go into any room of your house and pull out items you have bought and read the labels.

Once you understand all about the product write down the essentials as single sentences. 15g of fat in this product, healthy vitamins supplements inside, good for the whole family, strong brand and loyalty of users, smart easy to use packaging and price points too.

Next open a word file on your computer and make titles and list these items underneath. Next write two paragraphs of what you do and do not like about the product and an introductory paragraph. Then put those sentences in where appropriate and you will be a 300 words before you know it. Next make sure to use the right key words in your article and the title may need a little adjusting.

You can do these 10-20 at a time by placing these items on the kitchen table and start writing. If you find yourself having written 100s of them and need more material simply ask a friend if they need a house sitter and tell them you wish to do product reviews of their purchases.

Once they get back ask them what they like or do not like about the products you have chosen and they will tell you. Tape these conversations and then go write their comments into your articles. Piece of cake and that is the Lance Winslow writing tip of the day. Consider all this in 2006.

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