Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

One of the elementary things about search engine optimization is keyword research. People not familiar with the internet may be wondering what is a keyword and why are they so important for search engine optimization. Just recall the last time you searched for some information on the Internet. You might have typed some words into the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The words or the long tail phrase that you typed into a search engine to retrieve your information are the keywords.

In short keywords are the basic elements which drive traffic into any website. By optimizing the keywords as a part of your Web SEO you can drive a lot of traffic to your articles, videos, blogs etc. and increase your web ranking. Proper keywords ensure that only relevant visitors visit your website and you have a very targeted promotion. In today’s business scenario it is very important to be noticed and stand up among the crowd. Keyword research thus is one of the most important factors for successful internet marketing and web SEO.

Finding the right keywords will often determine the success of your website. Remember a visitor landing on your page through a irrelevant keyword won’t translate business for you although it might better your web ranking. You might be wondering how to go about a keyword research for your business. The best way to do a keyword research is to use the online tools which help you in knowing the popular words and the phrases that web users are using to find sites related to your business. They will also know the popularity of each of these keywords and phrases.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while doing an online keyword research:

  • You need to understand your business while doing the keyword research. If you are selling used cars, the used car keyword is more important for your search engine optimization than a keyword such as automobile.
  • Single keywords do lead to the best search but such keywords are very competitive and you might not have a good SEO ranking using them. On the other hand long phrases are less competitive but their search frequency is also less.
  • If you are in a highly popular business think of some keyword or phrase relating to your website that your competitors may not have used for achieving a high web ranking.
  • Be smart while researching on the keywords and find those which are hot. Many keywords die a natural death and you should not make those the prominent keywords of your website.
  • Keep in mind your geography of operation. If you are selling pizzas in New York a viewer landing in your website from California won’t translate into business.
  • Do not use phrases which have more than three words as very few people type more than that.
  • Keyword research is a continuous process and should be done periodically to ensure that your website keeps ranking high.

A good keyword research is the foundation of search engine optimization. It will ensure you a better web ranking and also drive only the relevant traffic to your website.

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