Buying Reconditioned Laptops

Why is there a large and thriving market for reconditioned laptops?

Most average workers today need a portable computer to do better at their jobs. The problem is, not all can afford a brand new unit that is why they opt to buy used ones. Also, companies can’t hep it if consumers return units because they are defective, etc.

There are many places where you can buy a second-hand system, online or from retailers. The major sellers are mostly found online and they are mostly selling re-manufactured units. These are units that needed some parts replaced so they can function as they should. Some units that did not pass factory final testings are reworked right there and then sold at bargain prices.

There are more brand name refurbished laptops today with models like Toshiba Satellite, Dell Latitude, Sony Vaio, HP Pavilion, Apple iBook and IBM Thinkpad. Most of these were in the market too long so if you happen to get one, don’t be surprised that it does not have any recent applications.

Used unit prices are always discounted from their initial price which will always be over a grand, a few years back. Nowadays you can buy a brand new unit for $500 with store and factory rebates. You can get a very recent processor, up to 4.0 GB RAM, as high as 500 GB hard drive with built in wireless, DVD player/burner, the works. Is it too hard to believe?

You can comparison shop major brands online if you want. Visit Amazon and check for laptops available for $400 to $600, brand new!

If you’re serious about buying reconditioned laptops, $99 to $199 is enough to buy you one running on Vista or XP between 512 MB to 2.0 GB RAM, DVD reader, and a decent wireless connection.

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