Youth Track & Field – Where You Can Learn the Best Times Among Middle School Track Athletes

I recently received an email asking this question: Is there an Internet site that lists the best times in Washington for youth track and field performances other than high school?

Bill White of Kalama (WA) then added, "I am currently coaching my 14-year-old grandson and at his first school meeting he ran 11.7 for 100 meters and 54.8 for 400 meters."

I immediately thought of> dyestat.comeliteyouth.comRunning – The Lydiard Way, the grand master of coaching says this:

"Your basic speed-not your build, leg length, or weight-should determine what distance you run. If you can not run the 200 faster than 26 seconds, for instance, forget about about half-miling. world will not make you a champion at it.

"(Murray) Halberg's best 200 was about 25 seconds. To run 800 in 1:52, he ran flat out all the way, and near his best sprinting speed. that, soon after running one 800 that fast, he could run another just as fast again.

"A man who can run 22.5 for 200 is basically fast enough to become an Olympic 800-meter champion, if he has the stamina.

"If you can barely break a minute for 400 meters, you can not hope to succeed (in) 800 meters, no matter what you do. in 1:50. And if you can not do that, you do not have a chance in today's racing circles.

"Athletes and coaches often do not appreciate the significance and permanence of basic speed." As a result, many runners are given distinctions they're never master, and running soon sours on them. " (Take note of the fact that Lydiard's book was published in 1978, more than 30 years ago.)

Having foot speed (quicker leg turnover) will do more than anything else to put you on top faster. And the faster, the better.

Bill White's 14-year-old grandson clearly has the potential to grow into even faster speed as he matures, and with good coaching to develop stamina training, he would have a future in running worth watching.

I would suggest that Bill White contact Bryan Hoddle at>

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