Deep Cleaning in Your Home for School Season

The actual start date for school is different across the country, but this is the time of year when preparation and organization for school is underway; and a deep cleaning – especially in children’s rooms – can make a difference for tidy organization for the upcoming school year. Here are five tips to make a huge cleaning job seem easier.

Team up for an easier job

You may need to break this into a few different sessions, but involve your child in the deep cleaning process. It will give you both a chance to reminisce about the summer while tackling the tasks, or talk about possible remodel options for his room, like a fresh coat of paint or a new bookshelf.

Measure for fit

Chances are that Junior has been growing like a weed over the summer, and you haven’t really noticed how much because he’s been wearing shorts or swimming trunks all summer. Empty his closet of all the clothes, take an hour or two (he probably won’t tolerate much more) and have a quick try-on session to see what still fits. Sort his clothes into a still-wearable pile, and an outgrown pile, which will probably result in more closet space! The outgrown pile can be passed on to a younger sibling or donated to charity; there’s always a need for wearable clothes.

Sort out undesirables

Depending on the age of your child, there may be things lurking and hiding in his room that you wouldn’t want there long-term. Consider a newly discovered bug collection, a pet frog that he’s been hiding from you, or shiny rocks saved from the pond (complete with the pond scum). Now would be a good time for him to learn how to properly categorize and store a bug collection, kiss the frog goodbye or invest in an aquarium, and give the rocks a bath! Disinfecting the hiding spots of these treasures might be advisable!

Get some organization going

Changing seasons and new grade levels in school brings a fresh start to keeping everything organized so homework isn’t lost, supplies are stored right where needed, and areas of the room are set up for functional ease. If there’s a study area, try out some new desk organizers. Hang some closet organizers on the closet door for small items that get dropped or kicked around, and maybe get some plastic storage crates that look neat when stacked together.

Clean down deep for a fresh start

Finally, take a look at the walls, windows, draperies and especially the carpet. A complete and deep cleaning will give the room a fresh feeling, which will aid in concentration when those evenings of homework begin! Strip the bed and vacuum the mattress thoroughly to eliminate potential dust mites, bed bugs or dry skin.

Since a lot of dirt hides deep down inside the carpet pile, call a professional carpet cleaner for a carpet cleaning that will get rid of any allergens, germs and dirt from the carpet. And, if you don’t want to tackle the window washing or wall cleaning yourself, add that to the carpet-cleaning job to make your life easier!

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