8 Lies About Wedding Entertainment

Professional wedding entertainers know that there are many false beliefs about what is needed (or not) to create a successful party atmosphere at your reception. Let's debunk a few of the more common misconceptions about wedding entertainment …

1. Any DJ will do. This is like saying any dress will do, or any photographer, etc. Hiring the best wedding entertainer is important when your party's ambiance, energy and success depend on its ability to be a great emcee, coordinator, DJ, and predictor of an audience of mood & tastes. A great wedding DJ constantly thinks on his feet and is able to provide the best music for the moment, has a professional attitude and offers years of experience entertaining at weddings.

2. Hire a friend to DJ your wedding. Friends do not let friends hire them to DJ their wedding! Without he is a professional wedding DJ, a friend will be more inclined to participate in your party than work to make the evening fun for others. If you hire a friend, it's important to have a signed contract for services stipulating his arrival, setup and departure times; appropriate attire; responsibilities as a DJ; which songs to play; how much drink he may enjoy (none, preferably!); and many other details that only a professional can anticipate.

3. A band is better than a DJ. 20 years ago, a band was the preferred wedding entertainment choice. Not any more! A band needs extra time to set up, requires time between songs to tune, will take several breaks and they cost a lot more than a DJ. Plus, people like to dance to familiar music. Hire a cover band and it's still not the original, recorded versions of the music. A great DJ will have a repertoire of 78,000 +/- songs to enable him to switch between music genres … or stop in the middle of a song that is not working. A wedding DJ is a better Master of Ceremonies because he works closely with the bride and groom; knows their timeline; and coordinates the night's events with other vendors in attendance. Most wedding bands say they will do this, but often fall short of the mark on your wedding day.

4. An iPod works just as well as a DJ. This is the one misconception that could ruin more weddings than any other. This "craze" will quickly disappear once enough people witness first-hand how bad of an idea this is. See if your iPod can do what a professional wedding DJ does for you:

o Plays just the right song at just the right time

o Plays requests

o Knows the best songs from any genre

o Makes announcements for you

o Acts as wedding coordinator

o Gets people at your party involved

o Supplies the music, sound equipment and lighting

5. Do not play new music until the older people leave. First off, this will frustrate your youngger guests. Plus, "older" people today were around during the birth of rock and roll in the 1950s. They lived through the counter-cultural revolution of the sixties. They will not leave your party unless you forget to play songs from their era, too. An experienced wedding DJ keeps everyone happy by spinning a mix of music he knows will appeal to all generations. Additionally, great DJs will keep the volume of the music at a reasonable level, so all guests can enjoy conversation.

6. We need a "party motivator". Games and gimmicks are not time worn, but they have worn out their welcome. There's no need to put on silly costumes, throw around inflatable toys or drag unwilling participants to your dance floor in order to crank up the party. Experienced wedding entertainers know how to motivate your guests to participate without being cheesy or obnoxious – by spinning great music in a way that's classy and fun.

7. I do not want "typical" wedding music. "Typical" wedding songs are often played at weddings for a reason … people like them! Such standards will energize your guests and will get them on the dance floor. If there are certain songs you simply refuse to include, that's fine … but do not take too many tried-and-true dance songs off your play list. Believe it or not, someone that you invited will be waiting to hear "Celebration" (it's true!). The bottom line is that some groups will dance to more traditional music than others; so give your DJ the flexibility to play the best songs for your party.

8. You "have to" play the Chicken Dance, (and other cheesy songs). Not true! The Macarena, Chicken Dance, Hokey-Pokey and other cheesy songs do not have to be played at your wedding in order for it to be fun. In fact, it is rare that a great DJ will play these without it being a request from the bride or groom

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