Know Your Man: Shopping

What he says: (while shopping) “I like that one better.”

What he means: “Pick any freaking dress and let’s go home!” ~ Anon

Men hate shopping. They hate hop-shopping even more. We take hours to decide on simple things and they lose their patience, get tired and bored. This may be an exhilarating activity for women, but it is too draining for men. They have no interest in what sort of outfit we wear, really, as long as we look sexy. We need to learn to buy whatever we wish that makes us look good without dragging them around, and when we ask them how we look, they will say: “You look great!” And they mean it!

Have you ever noticed some husbands waiting for their wives to shop, sitting in the malls, looking forlorn and bored? I bet they have better things to do and I am sure they think the same. We will have them give us their opinion only to see us do as we please, anyway. Don’t make them fall into this trap. Only women gain in a situation such as this.

Of course, grocery shopping is different. In this case, it is always advisable to remind them to take their mobile with them, so they can keep asking us questions while they shop. God forbid if they buy stuff that is not exactly what we wanted.

A Word of Advice

Ladies: Spare them. There is truly no need to have them go through this ordeal.

Gents:Next time your spouse invites you to go shopping with her, tell her she will have much more fun if she goes with her female friends instead. Or perhaps, while she goes to the mall, you can very well go to a hardware or electronic store and admire equipments and tools. Take your time, though. Or, knowing this is an all day excursion to the mall, just do no go. If she insists, tell her you have a headache. She should understand that!

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