What Is Ruby?

The word 'Ruby' immediately brings to mind the image of a red, semi precious stone. But here we are not talking about the red ruby ​​utilized in articulate diamond jewelry. Instead, we are talking about Ruby – the programming language. Like some programming languages ​​such as C ++ and java, Ruby too is a coding language. Make sure we know about this language in detail.

Ruby can be most fittingly described as an object oriented coding language that works by treating everything as an individual object- as opposed to it's other programming opposite numbers. Here, an object returns back to the final output. For example, if you've got a particular way of taking back stiffness medicine, the medicine would have been viewed by the program as an object. Ruby- though acknowledged to be a purist language vis object orientation- does not compromise on pliability or user friendship.

This language combines the very best of features of diverse coding languages ​​that include Lisp, Smalltalk and Perl. It is because of the careful selection of features the language proves to be handy for both- beginners as well as mavens. It is straightforward enough to be utilized by newbies and at the exact same time forceful enough to offer experienced users with all the tools they would need.

Ruby as a coding language is primarily used for scripting applications like text processing and also ad-hoc scripting tasks. Earlier, Perl, another scripting language was employed by the programmers to do the same task. But, Ruby has made writing these programs much simpler because you just have to import the modules and your work is done.

To its advantage, Ruby does not even have a hulking code like other coding languages. This is a clear indication you can unreservedly concentrate on your work than getting distracted thanks to the code. It can also be used for larger software systems like that of the US Navy. It follows compartmentalization for simpler and faster work.

Like while purchasing contacts you look into the pros and cons of each, simply, it's important to check out the good points and bad points of Ruby also. There will certainly be some highlights of this language too when it comes to positives and negatives. Ruby not being a high performance language makes it its largest downsides. And, this would not be the ultimate language for those who do not like the 'object oriented' mechanism. Also, it's not thought about as the good language when it comes down to doing some raw computer jobs. Well, better versions of this language are under process, and are expected to overlook these hits.

With this, the basics of Ruby should be well ready. Therefore next time someone says Ruby, you will not just think of the red stone!

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