Various Ways Of Computer Recycling

Computers are often just thrown in a dump

With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, older technology is becoming obsolese extremely fast. Most of the time, outdated equipment, including computers and their various peripherals, are just discarded or thrown away in a dump. It's important that computer recycling became a part of our initiative, just like recycling done at home.

Many hazardous elements such as mercury are released when there are leaks in computer parts. This causes a danger to the environment and is not beneficial for humans either. Most of the computer equipment purchased becomes obsolese after 5 years.

Even after various upgrades, companies and individuals need to buy new computer parts. Many times, it's best to buy new computer equipment rather than to continue using the old equipment.

Old computers can be recycled in many ways, rather than simply be thrown or dumped in land fills. Many corporations and small home offices have old computers that are lying in their store rooms for want of a better disposal method.

With a little bit of tweaking, older computers can still be made to work. These obsolete computers may just have hard disks with less storage space or slower processing speeds. The latter can often be corrected by adding additional RAM memory.

Government programs for recycling

There are many government programs now operational in US for recycling of computers and computer parts. The government has empowered specific laws that deal with disposing of electronic waste include computers. It's important that people check the relevant laws for disposing and recycling of unwanted computers.

There are many agencies that are listed under county offices as 'waste management programs' or 'computer recycling'. These groups are charged with the safe disposal and recycling of computer equipment. These agencies will collect the computers for recycling for a small fee or at no cost depending upon the parts contained in the computers.

Recycling programs run by manufacturers

Manufacturers of laptops, printers, scanners, copiers etc. also have recycling programs. A few who do include: Sony, HP Compaq, Dell, Apple, and Toshiba.

These companies take in old and obsoleste computers in exchange for credit or discounts given on new purchases. Be sure to check all the regulations and the details before you choose to use their recycling programs.

Donating the old stuff

There are many charities and organizations that will acceptily accept old computers. You can also find nearby charities that may be in need of old computers. Charities that promote children and youth education may need the computers that are old but still functional as training tools. If you think that the computers can be of help and that the charity will benefit, why not donate them rather than throwing them away.


Many charities may also have their own rules regarding the types of computer that they can accept. Of course no one is apt to accept computers that are 10 or more years old. Also, do not donate inoperative computers or peripherals to the charity. It serves no purpose, as they will be unusable.

Computer recycling is one of the best ways in which to provide a safer environment for our future generations and also to meet the needs of charities. Let us all be conscious about the waste that we generate.

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