VoIP – Thee Emerging Technology

Changes in technology are opening doors and creating jobs that simply didn’t exist a few years ago. VoIP is one of those areas, and this emerging technology has produced significant changes in the way people communicate. Understanding VoIP is rather difficult for many, but the concept is actually a fairly basic one.

VoIP is the acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Most commonly, the term is written as VoIP (note the small “o”), though there are many other terms that refer to this same process. Telephony is one of those terms, and Broadband telephony is another.

The idea of VoIP is too simply to create a network and then allow people to send all sorts of transmissions across that same network. Consider what that can do to the costs of communicating in some situations.

For example, a large office of a half-century ago would likely have two major methods of communication. There’d be a telephone system that connected all the desks and offices within that building – a network of telephones that may or may not have also been connected to outside lines. But what happened when those workers on the second floor needed to see a report that the workers on the eighth floor had just produced? For that situation, there were usually messengers who had the important task of physically taking those documents, messages and packages from one point in the office to another.

Then personal computers and personal fax machines became affordable and available, effectively replacing the need for messengers in most cases. Email and faxes became the norm, making it possible for those people within a specific network to instantly share those documents and reports. But there was still a need for telephones for those cases in which voice communication was necessary as well.

As technology tends to do, it was probably inevitable that the personal computers and telephones would eventually find more common ground. VoIP is that common ground.

VoIP allows data and voice streaming within a particular network. That network may or may not be limited to a specific building or company, though many companies are finding that it’s a very cost effective way of dealing with the need for data and voice streaming.

The fact that this is typically a very effective and cost effective way of communicating means that more companies are likely to be moving in this direction in the future. For those who are technically adept at understanding VoIP, this means that there will continue to be more jobs in the field. As is the case with computers, it takes some natural ability to be truly adept in this field, but there are also many schools and training facilities ready and able to offer quality programs to prepare you for a career in this field.

As more people and companies understand the potential for effective communication with VoIP, there’s likely to be more career opportunities in the field. If you’re one of those people who understand technology, computers and electronics, you may very well find that this is a perfect field for you.

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