IBuzzPro Software – Ultimate MLM – Network Marketing Prospect Recruiter?

As it stands in the modern era, there are countless network marketing / MLM home business owners out there, all trying to get a piece of the financial freedom "pie." With competition increasing dramatically every day, it has become imperative to find new, innovative ways to connect with highly targeted prospects. Many times cost is not an option since the rewards can be very large. A newer strategy and system that has had incredible results is voice broadcasting (AKA voice blasting).

It's easy to understand the problems associated with traditional mass voice broadcasts, though. They are typically in cold call form and sent to everyone in a very general, non-specific manner. Let's be clear on this. The fact that an individual has a phone number does not mean that they are at all interested in what you're selling. Subsequently, a random cold-call about your product has the real possibility of turning them off to your service completely. This is why you must be very specific when you target leads in the open marketplace.

The logical question is, "How can this be done?" Well, one software program on the market that provides a realistic solution is IBuzzPro. This is a system that not only gives you highly targeted lead lists, but it also does this in a very cost-effective manner. Usually, home-based business owners or sales professionals want to make a mass voice-blast had to pay a steep price for the service. Not to mention the additional per minute charges, and more fees for each dial (connects and other). Lastly, you encountered a bunch of other fees to scrub against the Do-Not-Call (DNC) list.

Realize this, IBuzzPro not only gives the home business owner and sales professional lead lists to avoid random cold calls, but the voice broadcasting software also finds ways to significantly reduce those fees ,. When you analyze the charges, it's only about one-third the cost of a conventional bulk phone blasting campaign. Another benefit to IBuzzPro is that it does not charge you for phone calls that do not connect and does not bill you more to brush against the national Do-Not-Call lists.

To top off the long list of features, IBuzzPro is also very cost-effective to install and get going. You only get charged $ 500 for the software, plus an initial $ 50 set-up fee, then only $ 28 / month to keep the service intact. The good thing is that the system is step-by-step and on-demand webinars are available. The interface that was created is simple to operate, which makes setting-up the system hassle-free. Really, all you need to do is create a voice recording then upload the recording and targeted lead list and schedule the phone broadcast.

When it comes down to it, in my opinion, IBuzzPro is a good option for the home business, MLM biz owner, entrepreneur, or direct sales professional looking to bring in massive amounts of laser-targeted prospects. For the seasoned business owner, it can also make voice broadcasts to many interested clients globally. Voice broadcasting to the masses is a good way to automatically recruit specific prospects and IBuzzPro is allowing it to me much cheaper for the small and home business owner to get into the mix. This viable solution by far outweighs the hassle of traditional cold-calling.

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