Does Length of Article Matter For SEO?

Does length of article matter for SEO? Some people will tell you that you need 500+ words in article to be indexed well in search engines. Some say less and some say more. So who do you listen to?

Listen to no one! You should post however much you like. Your post can be short but straight to the point, or a long post that is long because it is necessary for you to explain everything. Do not write a long post just to make you feel that it is required to get the audience's attention or indexed well in search engines.

If you are writing an article in, you can write the 250 words minimum, and you can get indexed just as well as another article that has over 1000 words. If your post is long and boring, most likely people will skim through your writing.

What really matters in your post for SEO? You want specific keywords in your article that matches some keywords in your article title. For instance, the title of this post is "Does Length of Article Matter For SEO?" so you want some of those keywords in your article. Do not keyword stuff your article with your desired keywords every other word. You want to write for your audience, and not for robots. If you are blatantly repeating the same keyword over and over again, people will find that extremely annoying. You do not want to lose credibility because of keyword stuffing.

Key tips: Put 3-4 specific keywords into each of your paragraphs. Short posts are great, but not TOO short.

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