Useful Shopping Cart Software Time-Saving Tips

Everyone is trying to save as much time as possible these days. Here are a few useful shopping cart software time-saving tips for beginners and existing merchants to consider.

Utilize Free Trial Periods

If you are thinking of starting up a new online store, just choose a few popular shopping cart software that you can easily locate using any search engine. Now the thing about shopping cart providers is that they want people to try out their software before confirming to pay subscription. That is something that existing merchants and new sellers can take full advantage of to fully utilize those free trial periods to build their online store. Trial periods range from 7 to 30 days free. Use that time wisely to quickly set up your store and test out all the features that are available. This will also help you decide on which ecommerce solution is better. It only takes a few days to get your store up if you have all your products ready.

Use Bulk Upload

Look for the bulk upload feature to upload all your categories and products at one shot. If you are not sure where that feature is located, contact your service provider to find out. This feature will save you heaps of time but you must make sure that you have all your products saved up in a file which is according to the format that is required by the ecommerce software. If in doubt, please try bulk uploading a few products first and check the results. If it works, you can then proceed to bulk upload all your products instead of uploading them one by one. Imagine if you have hundreds of products to upload and how much time that would save you.

Use A Drop Ship Company

If you would like to cut to the chase and start selling stuff fast, you may consider using a drop ship company. Find a shopping cart that already has a drop ship integrated into their solution. That way, you can sign up for a free trial with the shopping cart software provider, have access to the drop ship company's range of products, select what you are interested to sell and have all those products uploaded at one go into your store. This will save you plenty of time rather than you have to download all the products and upload them one by one into the shopping cart. Remember to change the pricing and you're all set to start selling since shipping is handled by the drop shipper.


There you have it. Some time-saving tips for merchants who are constantly pressed for time. This will also be very useful for new sellers to try out.

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