Online High School Vs GED

It has been commonly seen that many of the students do not successfully go through the conventional high school setup. It may be due to extra responsibilities of the student or any circumstances that do not allow the student to go on consistently with the higher education. If we compare a diploma acquired from an online education service with the GED (General Education Development, which is equivalent to a degree acquired from the high school), it can be helpful in order to know which should be more preferred.

  • Financing Online Education: For those who work to finance their studies find online education services more helpful.This why the concept of online school is popular among working students who are willing to complete a high school diploma.
  • Drop-outs of Online Diplomas: With the number of drop-outs increasing each year the number of students joining online education services for diplomas has also increased. Students who feel that time management and the method of study they used previously dint serve them the purpose find the presence of online schools as a great help. On the other hand, those who enroll themselves as a student at an online education service due to their jobs or other responsibilities can continue with their work and education at the same time.
  • Employers May Frown on a GED: One aspect of GED is that it is awarded by the state department of education and is acknowledged by significant number of colleges and high schools and most of the US employers but almost all colleges still require GED holders to take the SAT or ACT, as well as added letters of recommendations. Also, on the other hand, significant number of employers considers that the GED is a minor form of a high school diploma. Another aspect of online school is that some of these high school diploma programs are accredited by distinguished educational bodies and assures quality education.
  • Online Education is Convinient: GED students might think of the preparatory classes very expensive and above that the cost of appearing for the exams that they have failed before becomes a burden. Similarly, the programs being offered by online schools may also be expensive but not to such an amount.
  • Efforts Required to Prepare for the GED: The proper preparation for GED actually requires good long hours and the level of preparation mainly depends on how much of initiative is being taken by the learner. This time required for preparation can go up to 3 months and time span of 3 weeks is taken till the result comes out. Those who have successfully passed may proceed to the next level however; those who have failed must wait for the next date of examination to be announced.
  • Standard Pace of Education: In case of many of the online schools one may start taking the classes soon after the enrollment procedure is completed. All the material required during the course will be provided to student. This cuts down the job of doing homework and making assignments. One may take the exam online anytime when the learner feels confident about the preparation and has sufficient knowledge required for the examination. If student has an unsuccessful attempt, repeat classes can be taken as soon as the students wishes to.

Distance education is quicker, cheaper, and more convenient than a GED – not to mention better-received by employers. If you're considering distance education, we recommend an online program over GED.

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