English Grammar Checker Software: How to Use It?

English grammar checker software can check grammar using technology which analyzes text from any source – word processing program, desktop application, or web browser – and checks it for errors and mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. It reviews this text with an innovative tool that further enhances the style of the document and gives suggestions as to how to better improve the text and make it more readable. All in all, this is a powerful application which can turn everyday run-of-the-mill English writing and turn it into something that looks professionally done.

How is it done? It's really quite simple. Just highlight the text needing proofreading and press F2. That's it. There is a limit to the amount of text that can be highlighted and checked at a time, making proofreading long documents something of a chore, but for everyday correspondence such as messages or emails that is not an issue. Just think of it as a price for the power of the program. The software will check English grammar and everything else in just a few seconds and highlight what mistakes it finds along with some suggestions as to how to correct these mistakes. Grammatical errors are highlighted in red, spelling errors in green, style suggestions in blue. Users can easily see at a glance what mistakes they made and correct them promptly. Corrections and changes can then be made right in the application window.

This application does not just easily check English grammar; it also has a whole slew of other tools for novice writers and professionals alike. It comes with a multi-language dictionary and a translator capable of handling 13 different languages. This makes it perfect for novice writers who do not usually use English or are non-native speakers or writers and for translators who want to make their jobs just a bit easier.

English grammar checker software comes in a variety of versions fitted for just about every kind of writer. Some are best for everyday writing, while others are recommended for professional writers. There are also many different writing profiles for specialized work. Check English grammar with ease using English grammar checker software.

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