Google and Yahoo Spidering Algorithms for Website Optimization

What is an algorithm? Why do people often talk about algorithms when they are developing their internet marketing plans for free organic search engine optimization?

What do you mean by search engines algorithm?

Let us define algorithm. Algorithm is a kind of formula that would help solve a problem. This definition would mean creating specific guidelines for the crawlers to automatically follow, sift through billions of pages that they find in the internet world, and evaluate content. The idea of ​​how a robot would evaluate and determine the relevancy of your content is the main factor that you should take into consideration when developing your own unique free organic search engine optimization. Google and Yahoo bots could respond by giving you high page ranking or ignore your website. When the robots ignore your website, you do not exist in the internet world.

What do you mean by page relevance?

The way the robots searches your website commonly, called as indexing, determines the relevancy of your sorted pages based on the structured algorithm that it uses. The crawlers will examine the text or content of your page, look for the keywords, and determine keyword density. I think you are now beginning to realize the importance of keywords and keywords density in organic search engine optimization. For this, it would be wise to use 1 or 2 keywords for each content for landing page website optimization. You will go crazy putting all the keywords that you like and blending them all in your text. The information, the idea, your argument, and the keywords should blend in and flow smoothly.

Importance of keywords and page relevance

Algorithm is extremely important because it simply teaches you how the robots index your content, such as the keyword starting a paragraph and then you follow it up with some definition. This could be one of the old or current crawlers' algorithm. The crawlers also make use of the element of identifying the author, that means, who is writing the content as well as the people who are linking to your content or page. Understand that blog commenting and leaving links would mean wise selection of the website and content that you are going to comment and leave links. Relevance is one major factor that robots use based on algorithm.

Notice that in some content, the author might out headings on important topics often seen in larger fonts. Some authors also use HTML to guide readers where to go for the specific anchor text. The search engines use this information to rank your page, which automatically covers your website, as compared to other websites or competitors using the same sets of keywords. Now we are learning more about algorithm.

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