Hip Hop Drum Machine: What Type Is Best For You?

Hip hop music is characterized with DJing, rapping, beat boxing and sampling. The soul of the genre is the drum beat the hip hop drum machine plays a big role in its production.

A drum beat machine can produce practically any percussive sound you need in your productions. Since it is an electronic musical instrument, it is also capable of synthesizing and looping the sound it makes to produce beat patterns. Electronic drum machines are used in different musical genres and hip hop music is one of the genres that take advantage of it.

The demand for more unique sounds and elements in hip hop music production has greatly influenced the evolution of drum machines that is why most of the time these machines are called hip hop drum machines. From standalones introduced in the 80’s like the Roland TR-808 and The LM-1 Drum Computer that feature programming and digital sampling capabilities, drum beat software programs are now trending in hip hop music production.

Drum machines, hardware or software, are designed not only to make drum beats by copying the sound of real drums, but also to produce unique percussive sounds and elements that can make hip hop music more lively and interesting. The elements usually heard in hip hop music can be difficult for a real drummer to produce. A unique sound is always an advantage if you want your music to be heard and become popular among listeners.

Two Types of Drum Machines

1. The hardware type – this type became less common since the introduction of software programs and music workstations. However, many artists, especially live acts, prefer using it because it has no audio delay. Accuracy of the sound and beat is also a feature in these kinds of hip hop drum machines. It is not complicated to use and can allow you to focus on creating your music. Although it has lost its popularity over the software, standalone drum beat machines are still being produced and popular among pros.

2. The software type – with this type you do not just have the ability to make drum beats, they also offer a wide selection of sounds, programming, sampling, looping and synthesizing capabilities and many other features needed in music production. Some machines are inclusive in other music software and workstations. There are many drum beat machines available online that you can enjoy right away. Depending on your recording needs and, of course, operating system, there are a lot of drum machines to choose from.

Advantages of Midi Drum Software

• One big advantage of software type drum machines are they are cheaper than the hardware type. The stand-alones are more costly because one unit needs materials and takes time to manufacture while a drum beat software is easy to make and highly accessible.

• Software machines are portable. Take your laptop anywhere and create music.

• In addition the only space it takes is your computer’s memory.

• You can also easily edit your composition and once done, you can instantly burn a disc and share.

The hip hop music evolution has demanded great change in producing the beats that makes irs music. It is best to also keep up with the times and explore the latest drum beat machines available. The more the genre grows, the more sounds, drum beats and elements it would require. You can do more with software drum machines available, but you can still enjoy the quality of the hardware. The hip hop drum machine provides limitless possibilities in sound and music production in tune with your passion and creativity.

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