Microsoft CRM Software – How To Make Solutions Work

With most of its products already used extensively used information management, communication, and networking, it's not surprising to know that Microsoft also offers a CRM solution called Dynamics CRM 3.0. This Microsoft CRM Software, as its name suggests, is dynamic and flexible enough to fit any business style and culture. Most organizations are known to have faced problems in trying to implement CRM solutions because of their learning curves, complexity and the change management issues involved. This makes them hesitant in implementing solutions meant for dealing with customers in the most professional, responsive and productive way.

Therefore, businesses may want to select a solution from a reputed IT company such as Microsoft. They already have the know-how to make solutions work best with their own systems and applications. It is no wonder that Microsoft CRM merges seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and popular communication tools including Microsoft SharePoint and reporting services of MS SQL Server.

The Microsoft CRM Software integrates with Microsoft Outlook to manage client information such as sales data, lead details, and marketing campaigns. Staff can watch customer histories and respond informatively to requests and problems. The software supports analytical CRM by integrating well with Microsoft Excel to help you analyze important customer information. Both combined use data from several sources to help you evaluate the bearing of your decisions in sales, pricing, customers, and partners. You can display graphs, reports, scenarios for all aspects of a business after importing data into Excel as static or dynamic table and as PivotTable.

Using the features of Word and Publisher, you can easily select customers for your sales and marketing initiatives and compose personalized messages within minutes. This software can be customized to fit into any organizational scenario. You can customize and create web-based forms to capture data that gives useful insights to customer behavior. Microsoft CRM quickly stores and arranges data in a way that eliminates data loss and data disorientation.

This Microsoft CRM Software works well with SQL server to enable you to research client data, view intelligent information and understand what customers need. A quick look at the dashboard that you can create using the software can give managers the metrics to assess the impact of changes that might be considering. Moreover, you can effortlessly penetrate the data to analyze the factors that are controlling the customer behavior or sales.

A concern that makes most companies and employees resist implementing or using CRM software is the way it affects the daily routine. Microsoft CRM by design does not involve much change because users are already familiar with its interface through the multiple MS products that they have been using in the IT field. In addition, it boasts of easy installation procedures and enhanced problem-solving tools that can help a business set it up and get it running quickly and easily.

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