The Key Pros and Cons of Being a Physician Assistant


Today, a physician assistant is the third fast growing career in the world with its remarkable increasing job demand for this profession which is expected to increase by 35% by 2016. From this statistic, it is very obvious that anyone who had the potential and skill sets to venture into this physician assistant field is looking forward for a bright and lucrative future.

However just like everything else, there are always two sides of everything, likewise for physician assistant. Let us table out all the necessary pro and cons and weigh the value of this profession.


1. As PA (Physician assistant) is one of the fastest growing job in the world, there is no doubt that the pay and benefits for this job will attractively increased as well. Of course this will largely depends on the individual skill sets, experience and academic qualification, but nevertheless on the general level of it, the wages for the physician assistant will be on the high end because of its significant value and benefits which it will bring to the society in terms of medical advice and health care.

2. The work and tasks of a physician assistant is very challenging and yet rewarding at the same time. There are new things to learn and new issues to overcome almost every day although some of the PA tasks are routine but the responsibilities for them are not.

3. There are many opportunities for a physician assistant to move around should he/she opts for something new and different such as to move from pediatric stream to psychological stream. The career opportunity for a Physician assistant seem to be endless nowadays with the increased awareness of health care and illness prevention from the public today. There is a great level of flexibility in where a PA can contribute their professionalism and skills in.

4. This profession is well respected and highly looks on by the society due to the great medical health care and professional advice which we can seek from these professionals other than the doctors or surgeons.

5. PA used to work in a more comfortable working environment such as an office and of lesser working hours as compared to the surgeons or physicians.

6. Since the existence of PA role in related working premises, there are significant improvements in customer experience where patients are happy with the faster treatments and services they are able to get now as compared to previously.


a. A PA work under the supervision of a surgeon or a physician almost 90% of the time regardless of the capability and the working experience of the PA himself. With that being said, the PA has very little autonomy over the decision that they can make in their work place.

b. Although the PA have taken over almost 80% of what were previously responsible by the physician or surgeon, a physician assistant is just an assistant where their pay will be very much lower as compared to the physician.

c. A PA needs to be re-certified every 6 years to sustain your credentials. Therefore it is true that a physician assistant will need to continue their study until they quit the job or have reached retire age.

d. A PA is always busy as they are loaded with tons of tasks, inclusive of both clerical and administrative tasks at their work place. They are responsible for almost everything in the office, right from ‘stationery replenishment ‘down to performing basic examinations and writing prescription for the patients. They have been assigned with huge responsibility in assuring that the smooth operation of the office or clinic where they work in.

e. Most of the PA work under a lot of stress and pressure because they are answerable for a lot of things and also need are responsible for the lives of their patients as well.


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