Bleeding Piles – What Are Piles and Why Do They Bleed?

Commonly known as hemorrhoids, piles are a condition where the veins in the anal or rectal area start to swell, causing pressure, pain and oftentimes, bleeding. Bleeding piles are usually caused when a person is obese, pregnant, or exerts too much effort when moving their bowels.

When you practice unhealthy eating or if your diet is one that has a marked lack of fiber, chances are, you will be experiencing a lot of constipation characterized by hard and difficult-to-move stools. The effort you make during each bowel movement causes a lot of pressure on your anus and rectum, and will result in a swapping of the blood vessels found therein.

If you are pregnant, the weight of the fetus puts additional pressure on the blood vessels of your anus and rectum, causing them to swell and form hemorrhoids, as well.

As these veins swell, they become inflamed and develop into painfully swollen lumps within the area of ​​the anus. In some instances, the waving reaches a point that some of the blood vessels "burst", resulting in bleeding piles that show on your teeth, on the toilet bowl, and in the toilet paper you use for wiping.

Apart from the bleeding, other symptoms of swollen hemorrhoids include itching, mucous discharges, and a painful sensation each time you move your bowels. Having bleeding piles is serious, not to mention disturbing or even embarrassing. It is always best to check with your doctor of the bleeding to rule out other possibility of serious digestive system disorders.

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