The Health Benefits of Olive Oil

While losing all the excess body fat and staying slim forever is everyone's dream. There are still many pieces in the puzzle that we need to fill in. Olive oil is definitely one of those important missing pieces. We all know that in Mediterranean diets it plays an important part. But do you know exactly why is that?

Going back several thousand years ago, in ancient Greece, olive oil was cultivated and used for a variety of reasons. Since then, its use has been taken over all the Mediterranean countries and around the world, continuing to this very day, giving its remarkable health benefits. Most commonly, it is used in cooking, but also in medicines, cosmetics, soaps even as a fuel for old style oil lamps.

The process for making olive oil is very simple; crashing the olives to release the oil inside. It is the king of all oils, because is very high in mono unsaturated fat (up to 80% !!), there is no other oil with such high amount of fatty acids, a super amount of vitamin E, and other powerful antioxidants. In terms of weight loss; 1 tablespoon has around 120 calories, if you eat daily 2-3 tablespoons you can reap all the benefits.

In a report published in the British journal, they found that olive oil could cause a melting of fats in fat cells. In another research made from the American Diabetes Association in Diabetes Care, it shows that it may help in reducing stomach fat and insulin sensitivity.

The health benefits are so many and all very important; because it is made of good fats, not only is cholesterol-free, but also has actually been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and therefore protect from heart disease. In some remote places in the Mediterranean, where people use exclusively in their diet olive oil, they live till very old without any heart problems.

Olive oil may also protect you from diabetes, because it lowers the insulin levels, it can protect you from different types of cancer like skin, breast, or colon cancer. Olive oil also has very powerful anti aging agents; just to get an idea, it is enough to remind you that olive trees are almost immortal, sometimes they can live thousands of years regardless of weather conditions.

There is also the beauty benefit; historical researchers report that man's first use of olive oil was very possibly cosmetic! It can really do wonders in the skin, hair and body !! There are various uses even as a medicine: for the healing of wounds, as a pain reliever with oil massage for the body, for colds and flu symptoms and many more.

Adding olive oil in your diet is an optimum way to start feeling and looking younger and healthier; Simply replace all the hydrogenated oils: margarine, vegetable oil, commercial butters, corn oil, soya oil, and etc, along with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and meat.

When it comes to the selection, types and prices of olive oil may vary, depending on the procedure and the destination, but as a general advise i recommend you to buy extra virgin oil for best quality, because it contains all the antioxidants and nutrients, but without additives or chemicals that can harm your health.

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