Talking to Toddlers Review – Scam Or Legit Audio Program?

Talking to Toddlers is an audio program created by Chris Thompson, a father of two kids. He claimed that he is an expert in language strategies using "neuro-linguistic programming" (NLP). By using NLP, he stated that he could get the toddlers to agree to do things. This may sound fancy to you. This Talking to Toddler Review will discuss whether this program is for real or one of those scam products that parents should avoid.

The audio program is composed of 3 CDs. It is also available in MP3 format which you can download directly from the Talking to Toddlers official website. By being an audio product, you can listen to the program anywhere, even while you are driving the car or jogging with your portable MP3 player. There are tons of information you need to listen to and it will definitely take a lot of time before you complete the program.

The techniques stated by Chris are easy to follow. You can immediately test the strategies with your toddlers. Most of the time toddlers would want to do their own thing and giving orders can cause them to exhibit tantrums. One of the interesting techniques is what Chris called as the "double bind". This is applicable if you need your toddler to follow your instructions. What a parent needs to do is to give the toddler choices that are effectively the same. By doing this, you will force your toddler to choose either one and he will end up doing the tasks that you intend to do. The use of positive language is also a main focus of the program. You will get positive results from your toddlers using positive words.

In summary, the audio program packs a lot of information that parents need to know in order to raise their toddlers properly with less stress. Parents will know how they will discipline their toddlers and control their tantrums. This Talking to Toddler Review definitely concludes that the product is for real and is truly a gem for parents.

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