Still The Carnage Continues


History is ripe with incidents that reoccur most times through different scenarios but tragically so much of the outcomes remain the same. We are living in an age where we have yet to learn from our mistakes of the past so as not to repeat them in the future. It was in the Capone era in Chicago when the infamous St. Valentines Day massacre occurred. The movie of the same name tried to glamorize the horrific violence that took place that day. So much of Hollywood has succeeded in profiting from movies that showcase mayhem, death and destruction. Still guided by profits and nothing more they continue to pump out those types of movies. Our society today seems we can’t get enough of the shock and aw. It shows with the ticket sales that make millions for the movie studios.

Today, we are faced with a different sort of savage incomprehensible violent aggressive behavior taking place right within our schools. It seems no school is safe now days. So far this year alone there has been a reported 18 school shootings. With the reluctance of legislators to come to grips with their insane rationale we continue to have Columbine type tragedies. Never before in our history has there been such premeditated willful assault on life in our society as there has been just within the past 30 years. We continue to point fingers, put blame on the NRA, and we seem to be paralyzed by government inefficiency.

An American tragedy has been going on for far too long. As the body count increases and more lives shattered it seems there is no end in sight. We have it within our power to drastically reduce the number of tragedies and yet they continue. How many more lives must we lose before we act? Are we as a society so desensitized and shrug our shoulders saying just another school shooting? It is hard to fathom that our youth are the perpetrators of the horrific carnage that has become an all to common occurrence.

These are serious times and we need serious people to put solutions in place to stop this deadly scourge of gun violence. Yet, too many times politicians always manage to skirt around the very necessary steps to greatly reduce the chances of another Columbine or this last tragedy in Florida. Common sense will tell you you can’t have a meaningful crime bill without first eliminating semi and automatic weapons and that includes hand guns.

It wasn’t that long ago maybe for some of us it was that our youth never in their wildest dreams would have ever thought that a Columbine type tragedy would ever have happened. Yet, we are still witnessing tragedy after tragedy that should have been prevented. Our leaders of political expediency continue to fail the American public. They have failed protecting our youth and the very people for which they are sworn to serve. Until our legislators realize that any bill without banning semi automatic and automatic weapons, implement smart gun technologies, and putting in place mental health protocols so that we can detect mental instability before something tragic occurs there will be more senseless acts of violence. There also has to be better communication between the local law enforcement and other agencies to pinpoint people that would have a tendency toward aggression. There were warning sings before this latest tragedy happened in Parkland yet the current system failed to protect our most valuable resource our children. Do we wait until another senseless tragedy occurs or do we do the right thing now?


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