How to Gain Online Presence With Search Engine Optimization

So you want your web site to rank on top of the pages of search engines. What you need is Search Engine Optimization or SEO . It is very essential for web site traffic building. That means your website must have a great amount of targeted visitors who will help in making your website visible in search engine pages. As an online marketer, you want your web site to increase search rankings. The majority of free traffic goes to the first page of the search engine rankings so that where where you need to be.

The primary search engine your web site needs to be in is in Google. While Yahoo and Bing are also famous search engines, Google grabs 60% of the entire search market. That means Google has the most number of visitors coming in to search for information. Now your goal is to submit to Google's criteria in order to capture its attention.

Basically, your web site must have quality, unique and fresh content. It should speak of relevance to the product or service you are promoting. Easy navigation and over-all user friendliness to your traffic is also very important for SEO.

Another SEO strategy is a keyword-enriched web page. Keywords should be sprinkled in your content to help visitors and prospective clients land to your site. Say for example a visitor is looking for the latest model of Xbox 360. Normally, it types in the keyword Xbox 360 in Google's search box, bringing in results. Your content must have the keyword Xbox 360 mentioned in the first paragraph of your article, in the article body and in the last paragraph. Also, the keyword should appear in the title of your article.

To have the right kind of keywords or phrases for your web page, research must be performed. You do not just put in any keyword for the page; you should choose keywords and phrases that match the content of your web page. Implement the right keywords that are relevant to your product and services.

You can also use meta tags. Meta tags play a big role in optimizing your site. Like keywords, you do not just put in all sorts of tags, otherwise your site will be treated as spam by search engines. This will be verified by search engine robots that crawl towards your site to check for content. They also give relevance to title tags which are keyword rich. Meta tags are composed of the of a meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Meta title is the first tag. You can include keywords in this title tag. The Meta Description Tag is a kind of Meta tag that describes the subject of your site. Meta keywords are used to have all keywords in this. These are the most low priority tags but still we include them.

Gone are the days when web masters spend a lifetime optimizing their web site. Neither do you have to be popular like a celebrity to have visitors come to your web site. All you need is the right SEO tactic to effectively promote your business online.

If you do not have the time or knowledge to get your site optimized then you really need to get an SEO expert to do it for you. It will pay dividends if you do.

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