How to Choose a Violin Teacher

A violin teacher is often a great resource for accelerating your violin learning speed. However, most people make several very common mistakes when it comes to hiring a violin teacher. Sometimes they do not choose a good teacher at all. Other times, they pay too much to have them teach the basics. Keep reading to learn how you can choose a good violin teacher and make the most of your time with them.

What to Look for in a Violin Teacher

There are two characteristics you should look for in a violin teacher. The first is that they're a good violin player. The second is that they're a good teacher.

The first part is easy to handle. You can just listen to them play and decide for yourself if this is someone you'd like to learn from. Often times you can gauge how skilled someone is just by how confident they are with the instrument.

How good they are as a teacher can also be gauged similarly. One great way to do so is through getting an intro session. Another great way is through past clients. If the teacher is good, she should have referrals from other clients you can check.

When Should You Use a Violin Teacher?

Most people try to learn the violin from beginning to finish with a violin teacher. This method is very, very expensive and often very slow.

Let's say you're getting a lesson once a week. Often times you'll spend a whole lesson learning things like tuning, finger placement, music theory, etc. It could be weeks, even months before you can even play the most basic songs!

The truth of the matter is, you do not need to pay a private tutor to learn the basics. In fact, you should not . You should hire a tutor when you get to a more advanced level and really need coaching.

Going from Beginner to Intermediate Quickly

The fastest way to go from beginner to intermediate is quickly through the use of online video lessons. With online lessons, you do not need to wait a whole week to get your lessons. You can improve as quickly as you're ready.

It's also much cheaper. Rather than spending a thousand dollars to get a private tutor to teach you all the basics over several months, you can just pay $ 30 and learn the same material in just a matter of weeks.

Once you get more advanced and can really soak up the knowledge of a violin teacher, then pay the fees and learn from them. Until then, online violin lessons are your best friend.

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