Better Grades in School – Who Is Responsible?

Test results prove it. Our children are not performing as well on standardize tests as their counterparts in other countries? Why? Some say it due to the school system, the teachers unions, other say it because of the parents, while others blame the government, but few say it just be our children. It's not that American students are not as smart as other children in Europe or Asia. It just might be that they do not have the necessary skills to study and retain the information properly.

While the government is recommending longer school days and year-round schools, this will have very little impact if the students are unable or unwilling to learn more information. A child mystified by a host of mathematical terms or befuddled by early English literature will soon or later fail the course. No matter what governmental intervention is provided or extended school day provided, once overwhelmed they will justly quite.

Most disruption in a classroom is caused by children bored with the lesson. Do children become unruly in a movie theater? Other than the annoyance of an occasional sound of a ringing cell phone or couples talking nearby children are glued to the screen. Everyone knows that our children attention span is very short, but information presented in a fun and interesting ways will hold their attention.

It is not necessarily the fault of the teachers or the school administrators that children are not performing well on standardized tests. Government programs have forced teachers to teach a curriculum that is tailor to prepare their students for these tests, but tests scores have not necessarily improve. A proposed national curriculum for each grade level has also been discussed. How do you address the educational needs in every community when an increasing population is requiring English as Second Language or ESL courses? What about the urban areas versus the suburban and farming communities. Each community may require a different level of educational instruction based on the resources of those school districts.

The answer to our educational standard in the world lies not only with the teachers, school administrators, governmental bodies at the local and federal levels, parents, but also with our children. They too have a responsible role in achieving higher educational levels. It is our responsibility to make sure that our children receive the best education available, but also to provide our children at an early age the necessary skills and resource to learn. Requiring our children to attain a basic level of Pre-Algebra, Reading, and Writing without the necessary skills to understand these subjects is a tall order for any Teacher.

We as parents need to reinvigorate the school's program with studying habits and learning techniques. Instead of complaining about the lack of homework we should be encouraging more homework, but homework that is constructive and reinforces the lesson plan. The reason why some school age children do not like mathematics is because they do not understand the rules, or have not memorized the multiplication tables. The reason why many do not like writing is simply because they have not attained an adequate grade level vocabulary or do not know rules of grammar. The reason why they do not like literature is because they do not spend enough time reading. Instead of watch television for 5 hours how about picking a book and read for an hour or so.

There are a number of programs that help children to develop those learning skills. Some are taught in schools, but if you are your child falling behind then you need to take action. Fortunately with today internet savvy young minds there are many programs found just a few clicks away on the computer and are relatively inexpensive. A more expensive route is to enroll in a learning center near your home. They have a wealth of material and resources that can be made available to your children including tutors, and training programs.

The main point is that we as parents must realize that the American school system can only do so much. We can spend the money more wisely than the government. The government will only take our money and square it on useless programs and bureaucrats salaries that will in the end result in nothing changing, except more government regulations and the government asking for more of our money. No, the answer we can identify our children needs and accept the responsibility of children not education and not that responsibility off to the government. We must take the lead and provide the additional resources that our children need to achieve greater levels of educational success.

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