Learn the Eb Major Scale on the Guitar

Okay. What we have here today is the Eb scale. This scale could be called the D # MAJ scale but that is not too common. The Eb scale is great for blues, rock, and heavy metal. Many guitarists will tune their guitars down one half step, equal to one fret, so that their guitars sound a little deaf and the strings are looser. Looser strings are great for the blues because they are easier to bend and manipulate. Blues guitar has a lot of bending in it. It's probably one of the most common techniques of the blues. Bending can be a lot of fun once you are able to bend the strings well.

The notes in the Eb MAJ scale are as follows: Eb FG Ab Bb CD Eb

Here's one common finger position where you can play it.

E | ———————————————— ———– 10-11-13 —
B | ———————————————— – 11-13 —————
G | ————————————– 10-12-13 —– ——————-
D | ————————- 10-12-13 —————— ——————-
A | ———— 10-11-13 ——————————- ——————-
E | —- 11-13 —————————————– ——————– |

Once you learn this scale position you should be able to play it up and down, frontwards and backwards. You can try playing the notes out of order and just have fun messing around with the scale. See if you can find some songs that the scale sound good when played over. You can also find many different practice track mp3's on the internet if you look around.

It takes a lot of practice to learn how to play the guitar or any instrument for that matter. Keep an eye out for other articles I write covering other scales, techniques, exercises, and theory.

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