MTV Hero Honda Roadies

MTV Hero Honda Roadies has just started its Fifth Season this year. It saw its first season in the year 2003, and since then it has become a hit among the Indian youth.
It is no celebrity show and no crores of rupees at stake still it has become a personification of "adventure" in the present generation.

Among all the seasons of MTV Hero Honda Roadies, or Roadies as it is often known, season four has been the most popular. Apart from the adventure this time, another reason for its success is the popularity of the show has gathered in the four years from its launch.
The first show has only eight participants, and now the number has risen to thirteen.
MTV holds hearings in various spots in India, and the three judges from the MTV panel test them with utmost voracity and passion, to see the hunger for adventure, patience, confidence, compatibility, decision making capacity, whacky-ness and much more.

The Roadies short listed then go on a trip to India visiting the spots marked by the MTV panel, and earn their money by adventure tasks given to them. The adventure tasks range from eating worms, to get down in the mud after a mad bull or fighting your own team mates or playing a normal game in silly fashion.

All their monopoly possessions are taken away by the MTV team before the start of the game, and also their cell phones.
They live in the world where they visualize everything as a prize. The show has seen friends turn into foes, and the most dramatic cat fights to the switching of couples, and also a wide showground of escapade sports as no one could imagine before.

This not only provides entertainment to the audience, but also gives them a thrill, a motivation to try such things themselves, but in the MTV arena!
MTV has made so many regular youngsters icons of the youth. Today's youth swears by the qualities of Roadies that they see on TV.
The contestants reaching final five are given bikes by Hero Honda.
Going through a hard time and completing tasks that collect money that is the prize money for the final winner, MTV Roadie!

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