Hannspree HW-173ABB Widescreen LCD Monitor Review

The hannspree HW 173BB monitor gives the latest technologies at reasonable price. It's not one of the most performant LCD monitor on the market but it's strong point's the low price of $ 100. A generous display size of 43 cm and a resolution of 1240×1024 make it a great Monitor LCD 17.

The monitor supports 18-bit, this means that it can display in over 16 million colors for a perfect clear image. The maximum view angle is 160 and its pixels are no larger than 0.255mm, giving a sharp precision in displaying videos or pictures.

Because of the fact that this monitor displays perfect quality pictures, the videos displayed look amazing, almost real like moving pictures. The response rate is narrowed down to 8 milliseconds response, improving a lot the quality of any video that plays on this screen.

The monitor can be plugged through DIV / VGA HD-15, and has a maximum resolution of 1440×900. Because of the very widescreen, this monitor is perfect as your own home cinema system, and creates an unforgettable high definition experience.

However, the monitor can only be connected to a computer, so making it impossible for TV connections.

The product comes with a 3 years warranty and refundable money in case of damage to the monitor that has been caused by the manufacturer. This practice means that if you get to buy a broken LCD Monitor 17 . The price for this device can be different from store to store, but only by a few dollars. At purchase you get to have all the cables and accessories included in your initial paid price. The warranty does not stand for the accessories that you receive, but most likely for the monitor that you bought.

The basic color for the monitor is all black, but since many people prefer this color when it comes to technology, the buyers are not complaining about the lack of color.

Being very affordable and having a big time warranty, this monitor has a great advantage in front of all other more expensive products. Since you can watch HD movies for $ 100, why should you watch the same movies on a $ 300 monitor.

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