Must Have SEO Checklist for New Websites


In creating websites, there are some pointers to consider. One is to use an SEO optimized domain. Your domain name is very important as it tells the world what your website is all about. You can not just use any words that come to mind. You need to consider factors like positioning and the like. Pick your domain very carefully.

Why do you need to be SEO optimized? And what does it mean for your business? SEO is short for search engine optimization. You want search engines like Google to be able to locate your website. When you are recognized by the search engines, you get better page ranking. This is important because when you put content on your site, you want it to come up when people search for what you are offering.

Be Accessible

Are you easy to find or are you now to be found?

If you are at the top of the list, people will be able to go to you right away. Ideally, you want to be on the first page of the search engines. You can do this by putting high quality, unique content on your site and doing some keyword research.

If you are selling products or ideas, you can be sure to have the traffic you need. Having that traffic makes you get closer to your goal. And you want to convert that traffic into buyers.

Target your keywords

Obviously, this will also help the search engine to find you easily. Choose keywords with high relevance, low difficulty and good research value. Use a keyword research tool such as Google Keyword Tool to know what terms people are searching for and what the competition is.

Have valuable content

Check if your content will make the reader smile in agreement as he reads your article, or if it makes him chuckle. Does it need more detail? More videos? Did you mention where you got your materials from?

Check your website design

Is your website easy to use? Or is it too cluttered?

Setup your Social account

Set up your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts

Build your links

It is best to start with your business contacts, rather than you being associated with shady links. Be careful in choosing links you associate your website with. The right place to start is with people you already know. It will be easier to have your link referred by people you make business with.


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