Printer Shareware

Are you still busy rubbing your hands over your printer? Still hovering around your coveted printing machine to see through the day of your printing tasks? In case you are, there is something amiss. There is something outdated about your approach to printer tasks. You need to go for an update in terms of the software you are using which can save you hours of printing time. The solution lies much closer home – that is through your internet connection. All you have to do is to download printer shareware that is freely available online. Once you download this utility, it will attach itself as a toolbar on your Word document. This can then be used to carry out your printer tasks with as much ease as possible.

The major time-consuming process in printing is that of selecting different document settings. This is so when your printing requirements are high and you need documents with different layouts. Minus the shareware, this otherwise simple work means changing your document settings again and again with multiple clicks of the mouse. With the shareware, you can accomplish the entire work in just a few minutes what might have taken you hours. This printer shareware allows you six printer profiles in the printer tray which you can set in one go and see your desired printouts roll out one by one, without having to manually set the different document profiles separately over and over again.

This printer setup utility optimizes your printer to thus work more efficiently. All it takes is a few minutes of downloading time to save you hours of printing time. It is, in fact, a fruitful delegation of mechanical tasks to a software utility specifically designed for this purpose.

Doing away with manual settings so saves you countless mouse clicks. At the same time, this printer shareware is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System and also gives you a reliable macro to work with.

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