Free Electric Guitar Lessons – Too Good to Be True?

So you want to learn to play the electric guitar? Maybe you've written some music and would like to play your own music. Maybe you just want to learn to make beautiful music. Or maybe you want to be the next heavy metal guitar legend. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn to play rest assured that there are free online lessons that you can take to help you reach your goal. These free lessons are not worthless junk, but quality FREE videos done by a professional musician. The free videos contain all the information and instruction that you will need to learn the guitar. All you need to have is a guitar and a and a desire to learn to play.

I have always wanted to learn to play the electric guitar. I tried to teach myself with a book and some sheet music, but I did not have the basics to allow me to build up to playing real music. I could not even figure out to place my fingers on the fretboard. I grew so frustrated with this method that I everave up. I tried to learn guitar again by using a private teacher. This method was working but it became so expensive that I had to stop the lessons. Finally I found a program online that was video based. I was able to view the videos any time I wanted. I could rewind, fast forward and review the lessons at my leisure. It was this method that has proven to be the most effective.

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