Article Writing and Background Noise or Music

Most online article authors would agree that background noise can be distracting when trying to put out quality articles. Others are able to block out the noise and still some purposely turn on music in the background or work in places like Starbucks where there is constant music, commotion and noise. Recently the subject was brought up on a very popular online article submission Writing blog.

Now then, here is a Question for you; which is the best music to listen to in the background when writing articles? Or is it more on track with just turning it all off? And should an author listen to certain types of music for certain articles; Like when writing about relationships, love, philosophy, self help, health and fitness or business?

If music sets the mood you are looking for and you are writing self help, would that propel a stronger emotional, motivational or moving article? It would seem it would? I mean it makes sense that would, but would it? This is worthy of more experimentation. It would be a more personal thing, since each brain has been slightly shaped differently.

I met one writer at Starbucks who never takes his iPod Nano earbuds out and writes the whole time, quickly too. I have read some of his stuff and I must say it is quite good indeed. I have seen a couple of other female writers I know also doing this and they also put out excellent work? Unfortunately I never asked them what they were listening to. What ever it is looks to work for them very well so, consider all this in 2006.

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