What Is SEO and Why Is It An Absolute Must If You Own a Business Website?

For some, it'd be hard to believe, but a lot of online businesses do not actually know the meanings of Search Engine Optimization, let alone gauging the importance of Search Engine Optimization. For them, it is some technical subject, mean only for the professionals just like programming or software development, however, that's far from the reality. SEO is not really a technical thing, and you can do the Search Engine Optimization even if you do not have a single technical bone in your body, all you need is a lot of hard work and a little creativity. True, that you may need an expert if you are competitive for highly competitive keywords but even if you can not afford to hire an SEO professional, you should at least apply the basics yourself.

It is very important to know the importance of optimizing your website for search engines, imagine you have got a business that provides window cleaning services in San Francisco, and you have made a website, because you will not mind some business leads coming from the Internet. You have entered all the information and details about your services and now you are waiting for the people searching for the window washing services in San Francisco to visit your website and place orders. The problem is that, even though the customers would like to visit your website (and a couple of your competitor's websites) and compare the prices and services, but they do not know the domain name (your company's URL). They do not need to know the domain names, because they have gotten the ever so effective services of Google at their disposal. They'd just go to Google, type San Francisco window washing and behold, Google will provide them with hundreds of businesses websites offering the service in that region.

Most of these customers will just click on the first couple of websites, compare the prices, and choose one of those companies. The customer would have come your way, only if you were optimizing your website for the keyword "San Francisco Window Cleaning", which means that you are missing lots of sales, customers, and business leads if you are not optimizing your website for your targeted keywords (or if you are optimizing your websites for the wrong set of keywords). Investing your time and resources on doing SEO for your website can prove to be the most rewarding decision of your online business life. Hire an SEO expert if you can, nowdays you can get quite affordable SEO services , but even if you can not afford to pay anything, you should spend some time and apply the basics, for the sake of your online business.

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